"A Dracula"

By Renato Brujo

Despite previously hearing their monicker used originally by Electric Wizard in their song of same name. I remained unfamiliar with this Las Vegas four piece. The prerequisite female fronted doom elements are all in place and from what I have briefly researched were more present in their previous recordings. Not as much on this new offering but more on that later. I once owned the Satanic Hispanic 1977 cinematic gem "Alucarda" on DVD to which I unknowingly traded a few discs for years ago! Upon finding out that this third album was directly influenced by the film I had high hopes for the record to do its muse  justice in their tribute to the tale of demonic possession and infernal lusts...

 Aside from that all that I'm now pleasantly surprised that this group has managed to deliver a well rounded sleazy seventies cinema occult influenced slab dripping with ethereal malevolence and crawling sinister elements of death metal
. Highlights include the acoustic intro and mid album numbers that further help complete the visual of Spanish countryside Satanic depravities... One of the best tracks was definitely "Raped by the Serpent", which slithers much like its namesake.