"Prophecies And Lies"

By Lord Randall

In the scant five years that North Carolina’s hard rockin’ doom brigade DEMON EYE have been a thing, we’ve been gifted with an EP and three full-length albums, this year’s "Prophecies And Lies" being the third. Picking up from where 2015’s "Tempora Infernalia" left off, opener ‘The Waters And The Wild’ keeps to the same path the quartet has thus far trod, not always a bad thing when we get to the all-important – and hopefully defining – third album for a band. Proto-metal at its heart, DEMON EYE can at times musically conjure pre-Dickinson MAIDEN (‘In The Spider’s Eye’), vocally WITCHCRAFT, both blending to recall Icelandic one-album-wonders ICECROSS to create a mixture that, while reverential, doesn’t mirror completely. The boogie ‘n’ blues of ‘Kismet’ belies its darker, accusatory lyric of karmic retribution “You sealed your fate when you spread your lies, feel your hate vanish now when you die”, a slight CREAM sensibility coloring ‘Infinite Regress’ (think ‘Tales Of Brave Ulysses’). This old dog’s ears perked at the transition between ‘Politic Divine’ and ‘Power Of One’, bringing to mind that of ‘Heartbreaker’ leading into ‘Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)’

DEMON EYE puts a cap on all to come thus far with ‘Morning’s Son’, a true blending of the outstanding bits found on an already solid album to create the ideal finale. My prophecy is of even finer things to come from these sons of the South…and that’s no lie (sorry, I had to!).