“In The Eye of Satan”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Behold the shattering racket of Deiphago. If chaos has an incarnation in aural form, it emanates from this spike-festooned Phillipines trio. Some have likened the sound of Deiphago to a bag of golf clubs falling down a long stairway. I wouldn’t go quite that far…there is structure here if you have the nerve to look for it…but there’s no denying the relentless chaotic clatter of “In The Eye of Satan”.

My personal preference is for discrete riffing at varied speeds. That kind of death metal just sounds heavier to my ears. Deiphago’s full force wind tunnel blast lacks a bottom end to it. But sometimes you like a jolt of ghost pepper or Dave’s Insanity Sauce to kickstart your brain. You can get that from “In The Eye of Satan”….1000 mph destruction with drumming like a jackhammer. The vocals are mean, but surprisingly they’re a lot more “human” than the usual guttural demon roars or black metal screams. Somehow those vocals ground these tunes.

Not of a hell of a lot more to say about this. Fans of non-stop war metal like Black Witchery and the earliest Angelcorpse can try it. It wears me out pretty fast.