“Satan Alpha Omega”

By Derelikt Waugh

 Well, if you even know who the fuck Deiphago is, you probably know what to expect here… totally relentless black metal warfare…only this time, the pace and production are even more brutalthan all of their past outings combined. Everything about this is raw and violent to the extreme. This is a band that means business, and their third full length will not disappoint long time fans (but it will continue to alienate those who think that black metal is a genre of music that should “play nice”). This isn’t for your average Burzum fan (who I also love). There is nothing melodic, mesmerizing or hypnotizing here, but rather a constant barrage of pure evil chaos, played by a band that puts 666% of their black hearts into everything they do. It’s quite refreshing, really. I can’t even compare them to another band, but the overall vibe is perhaps akin to Beherit with a bit of Abruptum’s insane chaos added to the proceedings, just to keep things really dark.

  Really, I can’t express in words how jaw-droppingly good this band is. They play like a band possessed by the darkest forces imaginable, and often times it teeters on the verge of unlistenable chaos, but Deiphago never lets you forget that this is black metal after all, and not some indie noise project played by a bunch of no talent hacks. In short, this is not for the listener that seeks something simple, catchy and cloned from a million other like-minded bands. Deiphago is at war with the world and Satan is most definitely on their side. Every song is played with maddening precision and rarely do they stray from a tempo that does not exceed the speed of light, but even when they do, it is majestic, foul and ultimately satisfying for those who tread the left hand path (or at least walk in close proximity). I can’t recommend this album enough. It’s without a doubt their greatest accomplishment, and most definitely, it is a perfect soundtrack for the end of all things holy and clean in the world.