“Beyond the Mind”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you’re hungry for pure slamming American death metal, tear off a hunk of Dehumanized and chew on it for a while. These guys hit the sweet spot between guttural Dying Fetus brutality and the more classic tones of early Death. There’s nothing particularly brilliant about what they’re doing, but after hearing “Beyond the Mind”, I guarantee your thirst for ugly, crunching death metal will be satisfied.

First off, the production. Nice and clear, but clear in a way that captures the low end and keeps things from blurring into tuneless noise. Very nice job on the production end. Second, the band not only is unafraid to mix in chunkier riffs, they practically thrive on it. It’s not deathcore “breakdown” stuff but the kind of thuggish “thump-a-thump thump” that Dying Fetus, Misery Index and modern Suffocation specialize in. Mixed in with that is a feeling of elder death metal ala Death and Massacre and some melodic, semi-technical leads. You can hear this combination in any of the 10 songs but the title track, “One North” and “Telepathics” embody the Dehumanized style best.
Finally, you got low and bestial vocals that firmly anchor the band in the underground tradition. No cleans, or semi-coherent “rough” vocals….it’s all guttural stuff. Dehumanized is not one of those faceless ultra-brutal bands clogging up the underground, yet they should appeal to those folks easily.

It’s not a true breakthrough….not innovative enough for that…but “Beyond the Mind” remains a very enjoyable American death metal beast.