“The Sanguinary Impetus”  

by Thor

Germany’s purveyors of absolute musical brutality are back with nine tracks of guttural death metal collectively named “The Sanguinary Impetus.”  If you’re not familiar with these guys, please forgive me for exposing you to such an explicit aural grotesquery.  But if you’re into that kind of thing, well…you’re welcome! 

DEFEATED SANITY play death metal that’s uncompromisingly disgusting.  The vocals sound like a garbage disposal.  The drums sound like Sugar Ray Leonard working the speedbag.  The guitars sound like that bar down the street that’s actually a front for the local Hell’s Angels club.  And the bass sounds like someone flushed a video game down the toilet.  I state all this—you heathens—in the nicest possible way.  This is brutal death metal, after all.

So, what about “The Sanguinary Impetus,” specifically?  Well, as this type of DM goes, it’s great. Not to repeat myself, but for DEFEATED SANITY, this album is par for the course.  The tunes here are chaotic, featuring 100% deep gutturals, chunky pinch-harmonic-laced power-saw riffs, goofy/growly bass lines that vacillate between bowel-stimulating rumbles and alien twangs, and drumming that’s liable to make calculators spontaneously combust. AND it has a fair amount of SLAM. 

Even for fans of this style like me, though, it’s an exhausting listen.  That’s the nature of the beast (I apologize to the literal beasts out there if that’s offensive).  This album, hell, this band isn’t meant for the faint of heart or casuals.  But fans of bands like DISGORGE, DEVOURMENT, and MALIGNANCY will certainly relish the lunacy that is “The Sanguinary Impetus.”