By Rusty Coffinnails

Def Con One based in Newcastle U.K. is a blend of old school rock ,modern metal and a bit of punk. Songs are written by all members in a collective pulling from real life experiences to keep the music real. Their sound is unique and seem to "copy" no one. You don't get that "sounds like" feeling.

They kick off with "H8 BALL" a loud aggressive song that is sure to leave your ears ringing and neck sore with plenty of riffage, drum punishment and vocals that will claw through your head. Their subject matter is varied and keeps things interesting as you go along for a ride through their thoughts.

"Soul Possessed" starts off on a somber note and quickly kicks in to overdrive. It is about looking into yourself and fearing what you see. This one is my top pick for the reason that I can relate with looking into a mirror and fearing what you see.

The entire album is a good solid piece of work and very consistent.They hit hard and have meaningful subjects and that goes a long way in these days of cookie cutter overly produced politically correct crap on the shelves. So go check them out on the web, give them a like on Facebook and score yourself a disc. You won't be disappointed!