"Surreal Overdose"

by Dr. Abner Mality

During my recent conversation with Deceased's King Fowley, King said that he thought people would be shocked at the intensity of their new album, expecting it instead to be some kind of NWOBHM retread. I have to say, King hit it right on the head. "Surreal Overdose" is a runaway freight train of melodic insanity, from a band on the razor's edge of going completely off the rails but keeping themselves just barely under control.

If you loved Deceased's classic "Fearless Undead Machines", you'll shit yourself silly after hearing "Surreal Overdose". The songs are even faster and more intense and each one has an epic quality to it. These are eight tracks where every single one could be an album highlight in some's EXTREMELY hard to pick between them. In fact, perhaps the album's sole problem is that the tunes tend to blend together over time and they also resemble past Deceased triumphs. For example, " A Doom-laden Aura" sounds a LOT like some of the tracks from "Fearless..." But this is an insignificant sin compared to the magnificent guitar overkill and raging riffs that drive cuts like "The Traumatic" and "Cloned". And as for King's vocals, now that he's freed from behind the drum kit, they sound more urgent and fierce than ever.

Look for "Surreal Overdose" to place high in many year-end lists.  Just on the basis of "Dying In Analog" alone, the album fucking kills...what an epic! This is classic metal boosted and amplified to the point of insanity!