By Theron Moore

“Anticult” is a big sounding record, dare I say, “next level thrash?”  I think it’s appropriate.  Decapitated, along with Warbringer and Havok, are the new school of thrash metal and “Anticult” waves this banner proudly.  It’s a killer record start to finish.  The music is fast, tight, and well executed to a tee.  Decapitated are charging head long on “Anticult,” that proverbial train that can’t be stopped, making music and playing at a level that thrashasaurs like Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer once played at, now just fighting to stay relevant and keep their (metal) heads above the water. “Anticult” is certainly in the top five thrash albums of 2017, so far. 

It’s times like this that I wish we still had “Headbanger’s Ball” on the air, somewhere, so bands like Decapitated could get some solid exposure.  Sure, we have YouTube and the Al Gore invented interwebs of doom, the drawback, is, a lot of bands get lost in the mix there.  Decapitated need to be discovered and talked about on a level big enough to get them into a support slot on a major tour.  I’d hate to see “Anticult” get overlooked or forgotten about and if this record is any indication, I’d hate to not see what Decapitated have planned for the future. 

 This band, this record, both deserve your full attention.