“Unleash Hell”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Deathwish is one of the most exciting hardcore bands around right now. This Wisconsin band’s debut “Out For Blood” knocked me silly a couple of years back and their follow-up not only delivers on the promise of that debut but escalates things to another level yet!

These guys play a fusion of thrash, hardcore and sheer balls-out punk that blows speakers from the get-go. I noted their similiarities to the Cro-Mags on “Out For Blood” and that’s just as valid here. If “Out For Blood” was their “Age of Quarrel”, then “Unleash Hell” is their “Best Wishes”. These guys have the gift of making their songs sound huge and epic even while they are still stripped down and trimmed of fat. Best proof of this is the awesome “Rock And Roll Is A Hell of A Drug”, which is an immense slice of punk-fueled thrash metal. Just an incredible track! Most of the other tunes follow in the same general pattern, but there’s almost rock n roll hooks and groove in “There Will Be Blood” and “Destroyer At 2 AM”. Vocalist Bitty sounds as raw and pissed as hell throughout all 9 tunes and has that genuine hardcore savagery you just don’t hear much of anymore.

No shit, these guys from the North Woods have issued a challenge with “Unleash Hell and if you got the balls, you better answer! One of the best records of 2017 so far!