“Chained To Hell”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Progression in music? Who the hell cares about that? When you’re as wild and pure as these Norwegian necromaniacs, you don’t have to. They have emerged at the very top of the retro-thrash ladder, they are the apex predators of that scene. They do not change their modus operandi from album to album. They merely get drunk, slap on the spikes and chains and go apeshit playing Satanic Euro-thrash from the days of early Destruction and Kreator.

This album is not appreciably different from their last epic “Evil Power’. I may have liked that one just a tad more, but the difference is negligible. It’s nuts from the opening yelps of “Rabid Maniac Force” (And if that title doesn’t tell you what you’re in for, nothing will!) right up to the final sprint of “Evil”.  They do try their hand at an epic instrumental  “Into the Burning Pentagram” that shows a bit more control than elsewhere.

Immune to the usual pressures of musical advancement, Deathhammer’s formula seems quite foolproof. Hit “play” and RAGE!