"Evil Power"

By Dr. Abner Mality

There are few things that can make me yell YEEEEAAAARRGGHHH! any more but "Evil Power" is one of them! This is hell-blazing rip your head off thrash of 100% purity and ferocity. Norway is becoming a hot bed for this kind of stuff. Fellow Norwegians Inculter also impressed with their latest attempt, but Deathhammer blows even that fine effort away and other retro-thrashers I've recently heard such as Bio-Cancer and Evil Invaders don't have a chance in hell of matching these spike-festooned maniacs.

Elder German  thrash is the template for these guys...old Kreator, Iron Angel, Deathrow but especially the first three Destruction records with their manic Satanic energy are the wellspring. Deathhammer sounds exactly like they emerged back in the day....the rough but not awful production, the falsetto yelps at just the right moments, the cat strangling solos that pop up anywhere they want to. "Warriors of Evil" begins the attack and before you're 30 seconds in, you know you're gonna be sore all over tomorrow. Things get even more intense with "Total Metal", but if your brain hasn't melted by the end of that one, you will have no hope to survive the incredible riff orgy known as "Satan is Back". What a fuckin' THRASHER!

It's not all in the same vein. "Sinner's Possession" is longer and shows more thought in its structure while still kicking ass. Final tune "Omen of the Beast" dares to introduce actual melody and shows that Deathhammer is smart enough to avoid burning themselves out with monotonous speed.

Nothing left to say except YEEEEAAAARRGGHHHH!