"Too Hot To Burn"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Fast, furious but ultimately forgettable thrash metal from Germany. This band will give you a kick in the pants for the forty minute or so of "Too Hot To Burn" but won't linger much past that time. Just too much of this stuff coming out anymore for me to give a total thumbs up, but there's a lot worse thrash you can pick up.

Hailing from Germany, it's not a shock that the primary influence seems to be the likes of Destruction and Kreator, tempered with some Bay Area steel. The vocals have a "beyond Schmier" nasal harshness to them...oops, the singer is Corinna Becker, a fraulein with bad intentions! Good for her!

Competently played and never going at less than 100 mph, Deathfist just needs a more distinct sound to stand out. For now, it's a nice try, but drowning in a sea of neo-thrash...