"Death Wolf"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Could there be a meaner, more aggressive name for a band than DEATH WOLF? Maybe IRON SKULL? Or DRAGONHAWK? Or maybe HELLPINCHER? I dunno, but Death Wolf is about as metal as it gets! These dudes featuring Morgan from Marduk were formerly known as Devil's Whorehouse, which is not a bad name, but maybe it could also be used by a rockabilly or outlaw country band. Not so Death Wolf! That name screams metal!

The band claims to be angrier, heavier, more focused and deadlier than Devil's Whorehouse ever was. Goddamn it if they're not telling the truth! Death Wolf is indeed a more ferocious beast than Devil's Whorehouse while still retaining some of the style of that former band. Whereas D.W #1 was a pretty blatant Danzig tribute outfit, D.W. #2 adds the brute ferocity of Motorhead or Venom in full flight along with some dark and tasty doom. Yes, Danzig's touch is still felt, particularly on "The Other Hell" and "Coming Forth By Night", particularly in the vocals, but the murderously simple onslaught of "Circle of Abomination" and "Black Mark" is nothing but raw, punishing metal. Even the slower tunes have more heft and darkness. "Morning Czar Shineth" is doomy and crawling in a way nothing on the last Devil's Whorehouse record was.

There's also a welcome variety to the record, as tunes like "Dawn of Flesh" and "Wolf's Pallid Sister" show some real stylistic shifts while remaining pretty basic and true to Death Wolf's more sinister nature. Is it black metal or death metal? No, not exactly but I don't think too many would accuse this record of not being heavy or evil enough.

Evolution has triumphed once more. The Hour of the Wolf is at hand!