"Infection Legacy"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Canada's Death Toll Rising inhabit the fabled "Goldilocks Zone" of death metal. What I mean by that it is not too melodic but not too's heaviness is "just right", although I can't imagine a young blonde girl to be anything but horrified by this rampaging onslaught of zombies, disease and madness.

These guys have hit things "just right" for the death metal majority. "Infecfion Legacy" has songs redolent of classic American death metal like Malevolent Creation and Immolation, with not a wimpy, wasted moment to be found, unless you count the narrated "intro" and "outro". The speed is intense but not out of control...the riffs are burly as wrestlers and as easy to get into as flannel pajamas...there's little in the way of surprise but at least the songs are put together with a variety of tempos. It is not "technically" technical (hehe) but it is not "primitive" death metal, either. Cuts like "Revelation Despair" and "Septic Entity" have some good thought put into them and some of the lead guitar work tends towards taste at times.

The production is absolutely suited to the needs of the projects and the sound cannot be faulted. One thing that does strike me as wearily familiar are the mixed guttural/raspy vocals, which are all too shopworn at this point. But at least there are no pig squeals or annoying clean vocals. The ghosts of good old thrash arise in the way songs like "Malice Eternal" and "Slaughter to Survive" are present, but the chunkier "groove" riffs in "Scorched Earth Policy" and the rather vile "Crack Open A Cold One" (yes, it's about exactly what you think it is) remind me of the best of old Death and Massacre.

Of all Canadian independent metal efforts I've heard recently, "Infection Legacy" is the most fully realized and pleasingly coherent. An album to be enjoyed by all death metal fans and perhaps even more...