“Necrotic Verses”

By Dr. Abner Mality

DEATH COURIER...when it absolutely, positively has to be killed on sight!

Greece’s DEATH COURIER are considered a “legendary” band, but this is the first I’ve heard of them in over 30 years of being intensely devoted to the death metal genre. They are supposedly the first Greek death metal band. Well, that may very well be. My impression of “Necrotic Verses” is that this is definitely recommended to fans of PESTILENCE’s “Consuming Impulse” classic.

It’s a brisk run through fast, morbid and semi-technical death metal. Songs are mostly short and swift, with fairly catchy riffing and grim, gruesome vocals...instead of being influenced by Swedish death metal or Cannibal Corpse style tunes like so many other bands are, DEATH COURIER takes a lot of inspiration from the Dutch death metal scene that produced bands like SINISTER, THANATOS and of course, PESTILENCE.  You can hear it in tracks like “As Heaven Blends With Rot”, “Pillars” and “Visceral”. Last track “Remnants” is the longest and most morbid, sounding like ASPHYX mixed with some dissonant modern death touches. There’s also a pretty cool “Interlude” that is more interesting than you’d think based on the title.

It’s solid and satisfying death metal from a band that obviously knows the ropes, but it doesn’t deliver anything remotely unexpected or innovative. So there’s a pretty good audience out there for these gruesome Greeks…