"The Evil Divide"

By Theron Moore

God, I’ve stuck with this band for a long time.  I remember when they were teenagers who had to get their parents and school principals’ permission to go out on tour opening for Motorhead on promoting their first record “Ultraviolence.”  I also remember when they went through that phase where they were singing crap like “Someone to Look Over Me,” back when they were doing that “The Organization” thing, remember that?

Thankfully the band came to their senses with 2004’s “The Art of Dying,” And five albums later they haven’t lost their way especially with their brand new disc, “The Evil Divide.”  The roots of thrash are embraced with songs like “The Moth” and “Hell to Pay.”  As much as I enjoy the new wave of retro styled thrash it’s good to hear it straight from one of the scene creators itself and “The Evil Divide” doesn’t disappoint.  Classic Death Angel at their best.  Speed. Crunch. Heaviness.  

“The Evil Divide” is a more mature effort finding the band perfecting it’s sound even further.  Five records released in the last 12 years to Metallica’s “huh?” effort lends credence to Death Angel usurping the latter band in both effort and metallic heaviness, the same true for Exodus as well.  Metal is alive and well not with the five finger death chumps of this world but with the godfathers who created this genre, Death Angel’s “Evil Divide” proving said fact.