"The Dream Calls For Blood"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Ahhh, now Death Angel is REALLY back! "The Dream Calls For Blood" is the album they've been building up to since their comeback several years ago. That got off to a pretty lukewarm start with "Killing Season" and "The Art of Dying", but with their last album "Relentless Retribution", things started moving in the right direction. Now the gloves are really off and the band has delivered  an absolute nuclear strike of pure aggressive thrash.

If you want blood, you got it! "Left For Dead" goes for the jugular and you haven't heard Death Angel this fast and angry in a long time. This is already better than anything on "Relentless Retribution", which wasn't a bad album at all. They aren't playing around with funk or acoustics this time around, they are strictly out to kill. One guy who sounds the angriest is Mr. Mark Osegueda, who turns in a diabolical performance throughout the duration. I don't know if they locked him in a room and forced him to watch "Real Housewives of Miami" for a week straight, but he sounds like he wants to slap you silly. The good thing about Mark is, he never loses his trademark melodicism even when he's at his angriest. That would be on "Detonate", where his screams are absolutely bloodcurdling.

There are a couple of brief acoustic intros, but this is all bloody red meat. I would rate "Empty" and "Bloodlust" as maybe the most brutal tunes Death Angel has ever played...yes, that includes "The Ultra-Violence". Although my favorite track would be "Son of the Morning", which has incredible precision picking and the best vocals of the album from Osegueda. This version of Death Angel now sounds like a complete band and they are working together like a machine here. You could play just about any cut from "The Dream Calls For Blood" live and a whirlwind pit will erupt.

This is certainly going to be right up with labelmates Carcass for top album of 2013! A thunderous return to form for Death Angel. Indeed, welcome back!