“Configuracao do Lamento”

By Dr. Abner Mality

At last, something different! Wow, this might be the most abrasive blast of noise I’ve heard this year! Deafkids are unlike anything I’ve heard and it’s had to draw comparisons to their sound. They are most definitely NOT a heavy metal band. Hailing from Brazil, they are a super percussive outlet where thundering drums and mechanical rhythms form the basis of their attack. They sound like a hurricane blowing an out of control drill lathe into a convention of Caribbean drummers!

Industrial might be a better description…or maybe just noise. But it’s unique and extremely heavy in its own way. The album only lasts a brief amount of time, but that’s all that’s necessary for Deafkids to lay waste to everything in their path.  The sonic assault begins with “Veia Aberta” and this is like the rawest Ministry on an absinthe bender. Super abrasive and very repetitive, with blasts of rhythmic guitar and frequency distortion coming in over a non-stop drum barrage. It’s that Afro-Caribbean drumming that separates this from Merzbow style white noise. Speaking of which, “Entranhas” is pure thunderous drumming in that mode that would knock Igor Cavalera into the middle of next week.

The songs are very peculiar in that they all sound like fragments of something bigger and longer stitched together. “Propagacao” and  “Mordaca” will test your nerves to the fullest with ripping sheet metal sounds, robotic rhythms and what sounds like analog synth being tortured. Last cut “Distopia Permanente” is the longest and it literally sounds like a cosmic hurricane blowing around during a Ministry/Einsturzende Neubauten style attack. Vocals? Barely there.

Do I like what Deafkids have done here? In terms of jolting me out of the world of typical death metal and hardcore, yes, this is the most jarring wake up call I could get. But wow, will this clear your sinuses out!