By Dr. Abner Mality

Southern California has been a hotbed of extreme punk for decades, spawning such masters of sonic violence as Spazz, Crom, Crossed Out and literally dozens more. Something about this teeming urban hell brings out the worst in mankind. Deadpressure neatly falls in line with the SoCal  agitators of the past.

These dudes kick down the door, spray the room with 13 bullets of grinding and dissonant punk, then leave in a cloud of fumes and burnt rubber. The tracks here range from total blur powerviolence  to Napalm-style grindcore to sheets of depressing guitar dissonance. Of finesse there is none. It sounds like most of these tracks were made up and recorded on the spot. That gives them an urgency that can’t be faked. Nothing here is over-thought or over-played. I actually think the shorter attacks are more succinct and effective. The long dissonant tracks like “United Waste” kind of drag.

If you prefer more punk in your extreme music than metal, Deadpressure is a band to check out. Nothing fancy about this hot mess…