"Mary Jane"

By Dark Starr

I’ve sort of gone back and forth on whether this album is metal or not. For my money quite a bit of it fits pretty well. Some songs, though, perhaps land more in the punk rock genre. I'd pick "Dragonhead" and "California" as songs where the punk feeling strongest and truest, although there's a snotty attitude prevalent on the whole record. Even on the more completely metal tracks like "God Bomb" , "Take" and "Mary Jane" have a rock and roll heart. Traces of Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Guns N' Roses can be detected by the well-seasoned listener. The G n' R comes up in the semi-ballad "Rain", which is one of the more average tracks here. Dead White and Blue are at their best when they go full throttle and let the raunch flow, like the killer closing track "Burning In Hell".

Punk...metal...hard rock... whatever you call it,  this is a cool album. It’s raw and earns a lot of parental advisories for the lyrics. But, it’s also got some cool riffs and some good hooks. This isn’t for everyone, but it’s quite strong.