“Hierophants of the Storm”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The band name had me expecting something bluesy or sludgy, but instead this Australian band delivers some pretty righteous black metal that had my head banging and the horns raised.  Totally unknown to me before I pressed play, I hope to hear more from these guys.

DRRD is an eclectic mish-mash of metallic stylings that touches on everything from Destroyer 666 to Inquisition to Dissection and right on up to good old thrash metal and even straight up classic metal. There’s no telling what’s coming next as you listen to “Hierophant of the Storm” but it all kicks ass. The overall feeling is of black metal, but the band is sure not afraid to dip into other subgenres to achieve their ends. 

After a moody intro, “Only Skies Remain” is a killer introduction to DRRD. Thrashy blackness ala Destroyer 666 morphs into majestic cosmic riffing reminiscent of Inquisition but not as murky or over the top. An absolutely great song and follow-up “Stormreaper” throws another chameleon-like raging metal tune with cool transitions. As the album develops, it definitely takes on more of a “frozen” black metal feel, with “Revenge Upon Fate” and “Hyperic Vortex” having a Nordic feel ala 1349 or Dissection. I slightly prefer the more thrash-influenced stuff of the first half of the album, but it all works pretty well and ends on an epic note with “For The Fallen”.

This is pretty obscure stuff but worth hunting down for sure…black metal not afraid to absorb other influences.