"Burn it Down"

By Theron Moore

Wait a minute.  What happened to the Dead Daisies?  Gone is the playful, Sunset Strip, 80’s glam vibe and present is something much darker, heavier, and more serious in tone.  Am I reading more into this than I should?  Here’s the first five songs – “Resurrected,” “Rise Up,” “Burn it Down,” “Judgement Day” and “What Goes Around.”  The first two songs – “Resurrected” and “Rise Up” are possibly two of the heaviest songs the Daisies have done to date.  

Listening to “Burn it Down” reminds me that this would’ve been the perfect follow up to “Slave to the Grind” had Skid Row made this record back in their heyday.  Hell, this record may have elevated them to Bon Jovi status.  But the Daisies?  It’s a head scratcher for sure but what makes this record work is the sheer talent in this band, how tight and laser focused the musicianship is and an overall grittiness to the songs themselves.  Happy go lucky has been replaced by loud and proud, a heavy metal boot to the face, so to speak.

With “Burn it Down” being the band’s third full length studio record I think what we’re hearing here is a combination of social commentary as well as the old middle finger being flashed to critics and music snobs who wrote the band off as some kind of hangover relic from the 80’s.  “Burn it Down” is a statement record that takes aim at the jokers that think “glam” is a four letter word as well as where we are as a society and culture.  

It’s time to “burn it down” when it comes to building musical walls and it’s time to “burn it down” regarding the sad political state our great country is in.  I remember when the Dead Daisies opened for Kiss a few years ago.  Most people dug their performance except the “too cool for school” crowd that showed up to see Kiss for retro cred alone, something kitschy they could treat as a novelty with their snobbish friends and talk down about.  Obviously they hated the Dead Daisies and missed a good performance.  “Burn it down” I say.  Burn them down.  

Like past records, they include a cover song, here it’s “Bitch” by the Rolling Stones.  I like their take, their interpretation through the Daisies’ lens makes sense to me.  Although I miss hearing a song in the vein of  “Mexico,” which initially got me into the Daisies in the first place, I really like and appreciate the musical direction they take with “Burn it Down.”  It’s loud, heavy, dark at times, and not afraid to roll over you.  If you’re looking for “Girls, Girls, Girls” by Motley Crue, think again.  “Burn it Down” sets that crap on fire.  And then throws it at you.  The Dead Daisies best effort so far.  Buy it.