"Make Some Noise"

By Theron Moore

Oh yeah, here we go.  Check the line-up:  John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, Brian Tichy, Marco Mendoza and David Lowy.  You know what the first song “Long Way to Go” says?  It says rock ain’t dead.  It says John Corabi is Dead Daisies not Motley Crue so knock the Crue shit off.  It says this is a band will be touring, destroying, recording and doing it all over again.  “Make Some Noise” is record number four in the last four years.  And what do they all have in common?  They fuckin’ rock, that’s what.  When melodic rock is done right it scorches Earth.  That’s what we have here.

First track, “Long Way to Go,” lays down the groove for the entire record.  It sets the pace rocking hard, setting everything around it ablaze.  Track three, “Song and a Prayer,” keeps the party going.  Hard, melodic rock that just kills it, on point, on target.  Remember that lineup I listed above?  That’s why these songs are as good as they are, why this band deserves more attention than they get.  Screaming guitars, soaring vocals...had this been the heyday of MTV, this would be the video you’d see.  

“Mainline,” takes off right out of the get at a million miles an hour, huge, huge sound, no prisoners taken.  Corabi doesn’t need a mike on this song, he is the microphone.  His voice is massive here.  If this song was a race car it woulda left skid marks and a cloud of smoke behind.  I’m still waiting for a bad song, where’s it at?  I could go track by track but the description and review would still be the same:  AMAZING.  That’s what this record is.  You need this record NOW.  Go see ‘em on tour with KISS.  They’ll kick your ass.  Best record of the year guaranteed.