“Dead Conspiracy”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Dead Conspiracy were notorious as one of the West Coast’s first real death metal bands. I remember reading their name a lot in the old metal mags of the time.  They never got a break and pretty much faded away without a peep.

The latter days of 2016 sees the debut album more than 25 years after they formed. If you like your DM unashamedly old school, then you’ll likely enjoy this worm-eaten slab. Hearing it now, I think I can understand why Dead Conspiracy never broke through, because they are missing something that propels bands to the next level. It’s a very savage sounding release, with Mike Abominator formerly of Gravehill on vocal attack and sounding as pissed as ever. A lot of it actually reminds me of Repulsion in the faster, more grinding moments.  On “Cruelty Through Ripping Torture”, we hear for about the 5000th time Oppenheimer’s “I am become Death..” quote, which right there indicates a certain tiredness. “Antietam…Feeding Vultures” is a bit of an epic with a doomier vibe that shows the promise latent in the band.

The record by no means is terrible but it does seem like an escapee from an earlier time and that will probably lessen its impact in the modern day. One for nostalgic death freaks.