"Hardnaked...but Dead!"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Despite the sloppy playing, the infantile humor and the general lack of class and talent exhibited by Germany's Dead, I find it impossible to hate these guys. Trashy grindcore with stoner elements, lyrically obsessed with beer, farts and are you gonna criticize them? They know they are bottom feeders and rub your face in it.

Take the album title, for the hell does "hardnaked" differ from "softnaked"? A little bit of a language problem, mein Herren? Despite translation problems, you don't have any trouble figuring what "A Beer" and "Liquor Store Goddess" are about. Musically? I'd compare them to Agathocles and Phobia, low-fi murky grindcore with big fat riffs and cheap sound. There's a basic catchiness to "Wall of Flush" and the title track that's nice and now and then the "Dead" boys toss in slower, almost stoner rock grooves to good effect. But a lot of the tunes are longer than they need to be...a cardinal sin in grindcore...and come on, a song about farts don't need to be an epic like "Perfumes of Doom". There are silly samples and spoken bits throughout, usually something about beer and someone's penis gone missing.

By no stretch of the imagination is "Hardnaked...but Dead!" a landmark album, but if you have a hankering for Beavis and Butt-head style grindcore, it's goofily endearing.