"Kingdom of the Blind"

by Theron Moore

The ethereal doominess, the eerie atmosphere of previous records, seemingly have been replaced by a more progressive, upbeat sound on “Kingdom of the Blind.”  The record’s heavy, no argument, but has a more up tempo, semi progressive feel to it replete with complex time changes, clean / crisp guitar lines, etc.  Gone for the most part, is the doom and gloom De Profundis had built their rep on.  When bands change or modify their style it either works or it doesn’t, there’s usually no middle ground.  Admittedly I’m not a big fan of tech based metal or deathcore or whatever you want to call it these days so I can’t recommend “Kingdom of the Blind.” But who knows, it may work for you.  It’s not bad by any stretch it’s just not my choice of vodka to drink.