"De La Muerte"

By Theron Moore

The press release described De La Muerte as " aggressive hard 'n heavy band charmed by the Mexican "Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte" cult, which inspired each of the 10 "damned stories."  Ok, this sounds interesting, you have my attention.

 Apparently the Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte, aka, Saint Death is a female saint, Death Incarnate if you will, with a huge cult like following in both Mexico and the US Southwest... in other words, where I live.

 OK.  Kind of getting it, kinda not, especially when this band who sound like they stepped off the Sunset Strip sometime around '89 are actually from Italy.  You're kinda losing me here.

 "De La Muerte" is straight forward metal, not black, no death, no thrash, just a mix of good old fashioned metal and hard rock.  There's a lot going on here musically that I couldn't connect with.  De La Muerte, both the band and the record, sound forced, not natural, not organic.  They're trying to hard to capture a sound and a vibe and I just couldn't hop on for the ride.  The vocals lost me, the music wasn't where it should've been, it just wasn't for me.  Sorry, can't endorse this record.