“The Suffering”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Relentless mid-paced brutality from Denmark is what you will find on “The Suffering”. These Danes are bit different from the typical Unique Leader band in that they aren’t really technical even though they retain the murderous heaviness the label is known for.  This is not on the Obituary or Six Feet Under level of primitivism, but it chugs forward in a very straightforward manner.

Trouble is, that gets to be numbing over the course of the entire album. There are some great crunchy riffs on “The Suffering”…some of my favorites were on “Deride The Wretch” and “As The World Dies”…but it kinda fuses into one big mass after a while. The album is devastating in small chunks…much less so as a whole. It is also SUPER guttural…there’s two kinds of death growls here, bestial and even more bestial. This is where Dawn of Demise resembles “brutal” death metal the most: vocals and also the bursts of machine gun drumming that give the illusion of speed even though the pace is medium at best.

There’s not a heck of a lot more to say about Dawn of Demise. They are not bad at all, but nothing that is gonna decapitate you, either.