"Arctic Thunder"

by Octopi Mills

What we have here is a legendary band. I have attempted to review this album without ale, as the digital promo came with none. Some have felt the band's newer approaches within the last albums fall short when compared to their earlier legacy, even though the band was always a bit surprising and held to early metal styles in some form or another. Certainly, the old harsh four track sound and atmosphere is long gone, and the sound is somehow more modern, even if they aren't using drum triggers or not using compression, and I feel the entire sound would have been better for me on vinyl to compensate for these old, vanished things; but it still has a certain feel, surely. 

"Tundra Leech" was the track we all heard first and is alright, though a little plodding and boring to an older Darkthrone listener, and I found much of the album to be okay, though much like the last album, in so much as it doesn't really grab me immediately in any way like a lot of their earlier albums and some of the middle period ones have. This being said, it is not a terrible album that I can ridicule, but I do find all the songs to be bland and it was predictable, except for the "Boreal Fiends" track. As good as these fellows are at making music and having found sound(s) from other's music and made it very much their own, it falls short to such a powerful legacy for a band like this. The album cover can affect a lot, as strange as it sounds, but I really liked this one when paired with the logo. This was the most enticing thing that drew me to the album. One day I think they will return with something that will up the bar as to what they can now create, as this album will hold some over until that day comes.