By Dr. Abner Mality

Dark Hound hails from Nashville, Tennessee, a place not exactly known for its metal. In fact, I can count the number of Tennessee metal bands I know on one hand. Don’t expect any cowboy hats and rhinestone shirts from these guys because they can dish up some ironclad riffs.

The PR hyperbole compares them to Megadeth, Maiden and Testament. I detect no Maiden here so that’s just tossing out the name of the biggest metal band around for the hell of it. Megadeth and Testament do have some influence on Dark Hound, especially Testament. This is a well produced album with a great sound for something self-produced. It’s not balls out thrash, but more of the chugging, technical variety with sharp solos.

The vocals are where the band differs.  Bassist E.T. Brown has a very smooth, poppy sounding voice. Don’t expect Chuck Billy grit or Halford bombast here. That smooth voice occasionally comes up with unique sounding hooks, but it just lacks the grit and fire that great metal bands demand. Sometimes it starts to remind me of stuff like Bullet For My Valentine or Trivium, which I’m sure is not the comparison these guys want. As for songwriting, it also is not of the highest level, although the playing ability is there and songs like “Thrown To the Wolves” and “Guilt Tripper” show the promise of Dark Hound.

A tough one to  figure. Definitely not a bad album but with some caveats included.