By Dr. Mality

I wonder what Gautama Buddha would have made of these guys. Could the real Buddha chill out to doom metal and drone? It’s an interesting question. I can definitely see the relation between what Dark Buddha Rising are doing and the state of emptiness that Buddha urged us all to achieve.

I don’t know how much emptiness I can take, though. The monolithic droning soundscapes of DBR require more patience than many possess. For getting stoned out of your gourd and contemplating your navel, this might be the ticket. I’m tired of 20 minute plus songs, which are getting to be a real drag on the doom scene. I appreciate the direct and concise a bit more, although there is a place for meandering metal.

On “Inversum” we have a staggering 2 whole tracks, both lasting over the magic 20 minute mark. The first is “ESO”, the second “EXO”. The approach for both is the same, although there are probably nuances that might have escaped me. A long, LONG period of build-up with tribal drumming and psychedelic sound constructions eventually gives way to pulverizing waves of doomy riffing, inarticulate howling and repetition into infinity. Fans of Bong and Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” will gravitate to it, but you could probably play a loop of two chords and a leaf blower for those folks. 

I understand what Dark Buddha Rising is aiming for and it CAN be quite heavy, but this kind of spiritual void leaves me feeling pretty blah.