“Danzig sings Elvis”

By Octopi Mills

There is no surprise that this has happened... Glen Danzig doing an album of Elvis covers. I'm not sure how many songs The King actually penned himself, but it doesn't matter. If you like DANZIG you may not like this album. If you like ELVIS you might not either. Now on the other hand, if you like both you will probably enjoy this. 

There isn't much about this I can's predictable and also somehow a unique listen. Strangely minimal, with guitars and piano; drums and vocals, the songs are short and pretty simple.He has managed to recreate an old, classic sound here and there's a novelty here like one might find at an old time drive in. 14 songs are in all here, I believe. "One Night", "Pocket Full of Rainbows", "Love Me", and "Fever" are some of the songs recorded here. Again, it must be said there is an old time feel that is mellow and sparse, not like listening to any DANZIG album. This is more subdued and for something different it is quite a listen. 

"Baby Let's Play House" sounds as if it was sung through a drive in speaker and a hot slaw dog is sweating in a glass sales case, ready for chili to make it something Americana and 1950 something. No artificial harmonics of the metallic nature, just made for a tour he will do when he croons around these selections in a most natural way;  as if it is his own artistic licensing . As was said in Bubba Ho-Tep  "just another freak, man."
Somewhere, though, I know he might find me a ghoul.I can see the King sitting in spectral form at a table with the wraith of Old Blue Eyes, as a tumbleweed blows by, slowly. Here I see America passing too and I wave...I wave.