"Descend...Into Nothingness"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Slovenia checks into the metal wars with Dalkhu. And they don't do too bad a job of it with these guys. It is absolute extreme metal, but what kind, it's not easy to say. Dalkhu is one of those bands that doesn't pay attention to boundaries, they just play what they feel like.

Our vocalist is definitely a death metal guy. His gruesome guttural grunts (my Gs are on overdrive today) are as deep and abyssal as just about anybody you can name. But Dalkhu's music is not always death metal. The structuring is pretty epic and reminiscent more of traditional metal bands. There's some folkiness to things, too, although that aspect is pretty restrained. Such sounds are to be expected in bands emanating from this part of the world. As the album wends its way, the classic black metal influences come more and more to the front. On the last two tracks "Soulkeepers" and the lengthy "E.N.N.F.", blackness descends in an icy wave, as the guitars begin to warble and quiver. Earlier on cuts like "Pitch Black Cave" and "The Fireborn",, the warm heavy tones of death metal predominate. Be it black, death or epic, the band always comes up with some catchy riffs and hooks that stick in the brain. The best song is certainly "In The Woods"...such crushing, powerful hooks! And more of that exotic Slovenian feel.

"Descend...Into Nothingness" captures the listener right away with a unique extreme metal sound. Dalkhu is not yet perfect...there's still some rough spots...but they've made a pretty good mark with this one.