"Crime Scene"

By Dark Starr

This is one of the most intriguing CDs to come into my mailbox in quite a while. The music wanders between metal, art rock, opera and world sounds, but that's only the starting point. You can hear influences from the B-52's, of all people, on the excellent track "Camouflage". Then, traces of Kate Bush-meets-Black Sabbath arise in "The Urban Tribe", especially where the female vocals are concerned. I could also detect traces of Green Jello, cool jazz and unadulterated circus music in the mix. Yet the metal is always predominant and you can be sure that every track is going to crunch like hell in at least one spot!

It's one of the most unique albums I've ever had the opportunity to review. It's also one of the most oddly compelling ones and one of the coolest. I like this disc a lot and it will make my list of the top albums of 2010.