"Fight Back"

By Dark Starr

This brand new album from D.O.A. is among their best. They are angry, and their music is on fire. These guys are one of my favorite punk bands, so I expected to like this. I just didn't expect the album to be this consistent and this strong. If you want to check out some killer vital punk, give this one a try. These guys are the real deal. 
"You Need An Ass Kickin' Right Now" starts the set. The guitar chords bring it into being with style. They scream out from there into the scorching raw punk fury.  Much more of a hardcore punk tune, "Killer Cops" is fast and furious. I love the bass sound on the track. The whole thing just rocks like crazy. 
If anything "Time To Fight Back" is more melodic and mainstream. Again the bass work stands out nicely. It's a killer rocker that has an empowering chorus.  "We Won't Drink This Piss" is another aggressive and angry punk rocker. There is a real classic punk sound to "Just Got Back From The USA "It's catchy and a lot of fun. "You Can't Stop Me" is next, and this high energy stomper earns another parental advisory (from the little audio clips). It's a catchy cut that's among the best here. It's still mean. 
Another screaming hot punk rocker, "Gonna Set You Straight" is one of my favorites here, and it's also a mean one, both musically and lyrically. The rhythm section starts "State Control" in a slow groove, but it turns fast for a time. Then it slows down and ends. The fast paced, full band treatment joins from there. This is classic hardcore. It's so cool. Just try not to head-bang to this. There is another short slow moving bit at the end. 
More of a mainstream punk rocker, "The Last Beer" is classy stuff. It's about a friend who is gone too soon.  We're back into more hardcore territory with "The Cops Are Comin'." This is a frantic screamer that works really well.  Super-charged and downright fierce, "I'm Desperate" is another killer punk stomper. 
Landing more in the mainstream zone, "Wanted Man" is a rather catchy number. Another killer grind, "World's Been Turned Upside Down" is a real stomper.  All in all, if you like D.O.A. or punk in general, pick this one up. It's an exceptional disc.