By Dr. Abner Mality

Reviewing this record puts me in a pretty pickle. After first listen, it's obvious right off the bat that Cypherseer is a band that has all the tools to be a major player in the modern metal scene. They are blessed with a powerful vocalist that many a melodic rock band would kill to get a piece of, they have tons of energy and ambition and "Origins" has a great production that one would expect from a much bigger band.

Yet despite this, there is something about the album that holds it back and I believe that's the fact that the band is just TOO ambitious here. Many of the songs tend to go on much longer than they should and the album as a whole clocks in at exactly an hour when I feel it would be a lot more concise if it was 45 minutes or so. In other words, Cypherseer needs a good producer or "editor" to tighten things up.

There's still a lot to like about these guys if you are into modern thrash or melodic death metal. The speed is present on just about every song (maybe a mid-paced cruncher or a ballad would balance things out) and the execution is superb. The songs "Bloodline", "Faith Renounced" and "From The Womb" are the best of the bunch and kind of conjure up what In Flames COULD have been. As mentioned before, the vocals of one Zeno Rodrigues are an outstanding balance to the metallic fire of the music. And I also sense this is a concept album of some kind.

Just a little pruning, a little tightening of the belt, and Cypherseer will fulfill the promise they show here!