By Theron Moore

The Cutthroats 9 return after a ten year break with brand new CD "Dissent", nine tracks of heavy distorto rock ala Clutch, The Sword, Helmet, Skin Yard and Tad (remember the last two? I do!)

The band features Chris Spencer, former lead singer of Unsane, Will Carroll of Death Angel  and Tony Baumeister of Aeges. Maybe an odd grouping on paper, but musically they split concrete with their style and approach on this CD. At first I questioned Spencer's vocals when I read the bio, but I became a believer when I heard the record. His tone and delivery match the dynamics of the band perfectly.

I remember going to the great O'Cayz Corral in Madison, Wisconsin many times back in the late 80's and seeing bands that the Cutthroats 9 remind me of with their work on "Dissent". Great, great memories. That's why I'm glad C9 made this CD. I've heard this band described as stoner/sludge rock yet it's too natural and organic to be cursed with those dumb, generic tags. Remember those bands I mentioned earlier?

Songs like "Speak", "Hit The Ground" and "Dissention" stand as tribute to all things garage rock with an honest to God heaviness that doesn't sound strained or contrived. It's performed from the heart and soul, with real sincerity. I've heard and experienced this before with bands like Blue Cheer, Saint Vitus, the Masters of Reality and Fuzz (Ty Segall's band). Buy this record, it has a timeless quality to it.