“Wherever They May Rot”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Cut Up’s second effort is a savage kick in the balls from bloodthirsty veterans of the Swedish death metal wars. Most of these guys used to be in Vomitory and if you miss Vomitory’s sinister slaughter, there’s no reason to pass on Cut Up.

It’s a fast moving blitzkrieg of mostly short and vicious songs. Quite a few run under three minutes in length and strike with precision…”From Ear To Ear”, “Necrophagic Madness” and “By Hatred Bound” hit hard, fast and mean. To tell the truth, the album is so fast and angry that you don’t have time to ponder how by the numbers it is. This is something you listen to if you want a swift kick in the head.

Occasionally there are longer, somewhat more composed songs like “Raped By the Blade”, “In The Aftermath” and “Vermin Funeral” that feature slightly slower tempos and time changes. But there’s nothing epic or especially melodic here. It’s just pure savage Swedish death metal with the chainsaw sound and rotten vocals we’ve come to know and love. If you’re not expecting more than that, this record works just fine.