"Underground lo-fi Songs"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Down in Hell's basement, somewhere near the generator room, you might just hear this pulsating mass of darkness throbbing away as the damned souls endlessly slave over switches and dials that do nothing.

A one-man project created by Nihil from underground projects Massemord and Furia, CSSABA is even more subterranean than the man's other works. No one can accuse him of false advertising when it comes to the album's title. I was expecting lo-fi black metal crap but was wickedly surprised by a tribal, minimalist industrial metal hell that manages to beat down your defense and create visions of the Devil's own machinery. Early Godflesh and Skinchamber are apt comparisons, only this is even more minimalist and sinister than those bands. No song titles here, just numbers. "#1" hits you with a very dark soundscape and a tribal drumming onslaught before a low-tuned guitar barrage hits you with crushing riffing. The sound is murky and oily and thick. "#2" continues in roughly the same fashion, but the tracks are not just clones of each other. "#3" is a total "hammer and anvil" cruncher with guttural roars and what sounds like an evil horn section. "#4" is the most drum-driven yet, with constant apocalyptic rumbling and eerie choir like vocals. "#5" is the most "different" track, extremely mechanical with an utterly lo-fi and "smeared" sound. You can easily see an endless landscape of corroded smoke-belching machinery under a blood red sky while listening to this.

The onslaught continues. "#6" is brutally hammering, with muttering vocals and a drum that sounds like it's gonna cave your head in. This is CSSABA at their heaviest. "#7" is super-repetitive and quite majestic with its eerie choirs. It's one hell of a dark carnival ride. The ride ends with the epic "#8", which is almost pure electronic drone for most of its length...a massive electric throbbing spiced with nervous percussion and subtle, muffled vocals and effects. Then the metal kicks in and it will knock you our of your chair.

This is really one of the best dark industrial metal albums I've heard in the last decade and totally unexpected. Every fan of Godflesh and atmospheric darkness needs to check out CSSABA.