By Colonel Angus

 Even though I have heard some metal bands from Poland , most of the one’s I heard tended to play more of the extreme metal like Vader.  When I was told about Crystal Viper, I was instantly curious because I was told that they were a throw back to old school metal.  Now, a lot of publicist will tell you that because that type of heavy metal is getting popular again.  Well, the PR was completely right about this new disk Legends.  If you are looking for the new Warlock (yes, Doro Pesch’s old outfit), then look no further.  Marta Gabriel sounds quite a bit like Doro but this is not a Warlock cover band.  They do incorporate a lot of Iron Maiden and some of the more current power metal elements to form their sound.

Since Doro (and Lita Ford) opened up the door to having females front metal bands, we have seen a large influx recently of good looking women up front.  Most of what I hear tends to be more in the symphonic metal genre but we are getting more that just want to rock out and be in more traditional metal bands.  Crystal Viper is just that type of outfit.  Joining Marta are Andy Wave (guitars), Tom Woryna (bass), and Golem (drums).  These guys grew up on traditional metal and it shows in their playing and song writing.  Just listen to “Black Laviathan” and you can hear both latter day Iron Maiden and early Killers style Iron Maiden in just the first 2 minutes of the song.  Elsewhere, “Night Of The Sin” is really close to Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years”.  “Blood Of The Heroes” is very NWOBHM and if you told me it was written in 1982, I would definitely believe it.  There are other elements on the record besides Maiden.  “Secrets Of The Black Water” is very Dio-esque and that newer galloping power metal is found on “The Ghost Ship” and in parts of other tracks.

AFM Records has always released quality material.  I haven’t always liked everything on their roster but they manage to pick music that never falls into the dull or “just plain noise” category.  Crystal Viper is a good addition to their roster.  While their music isn’t ground-breaking, Legends is still definitely worth a listen.