CRYPTWORM “Reeking Gunk Abhorrence” 
NOROTH “It Dwells Among Us”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It’s been a while since I took a nice refreshing swim in the abysmal sewers of the filthiest death metal. Here are two new acts that have vomited forth some maggot-ridden slabs of primitive and unrefined death. Let me put on my gas mask and dive into these foul waters.

Britain’s CRYPTWORM are the fouler of the pair, if you can believe it. The title of their mini-album “Reeking Gunk Abhorrence” perfectly communicates what you may find within. Wow, this is death metal uglier than Satan’s unwashed ass. I think of classic early MORTICIAN mixed with cult band ROTTREVORE, sprinkled with bits of violent slam ala DEVOURMENT. The production is absolutely vile and the attack is relentless low tuned sludge spewed at a high rate of speed. Mixed with ultra guttural vocals like Will from MORTICIAN, this is almost hypnotic in its ugliness and refreshingly candid about it. If the flood of INCANTATION knock-offs bore you, here is next level rawness with no apologies; CRYPTWORM is about as technical as a cannibal beating a log with a human leg bone.

NOROTH, emerging from Seattle the epicenter of the coronavirus, comes across almost refined next to CRYPTWORM, but don’t fool yourselves: this is still brutal, primitive death metal. Here we have eight tracks sounding somewhat like Chicago’s thuggish CIANIDE and early BOLT THROWER. The riffs are more discrete and not as “oozing” as CRYPTWORM. The vocals are also not as straight up icky, but they have a grim, grinding quality. Another difference is NOROTH will feature some lead soloing, which is almost totally absent with CRYPTWORM. I think that gives things a bit more spice.

Both of these bands are ones you can line up next to FETID, MOLDER and CEREBRAL ROT as examples of the best of the worst, if you get where I’m coming from.