“Embryonic Devils”

By Dr. Abner Mality

What is this, some kind of joke? Is Southern Lord trying pass off 17 minutes and 22 seconds of music as a full LP? I call bullshit. In fact, this whole effort seems to be some kind of a put-on, with members of grindcore band Homewrecker putting on makeup and using names like Father Flesh and Necro Butcher.

This is disappointing all the way around. Sure, what music there is can technically be called blackened death metal, but nothing sticks in the brain. Only with the song “Coffin Birth-Post Mortal Fetal Extraction” do I detect the ghost of quality death metal. That one’s a pretty decent stab at Grave-style Swedish DM. But it’s a pretty lonely tune surrounded by substandard nonsense. There are 5 short sound bites cleverly called “Segues” that deliver about 1 minute and 50 seconds total of dripping water, rattling chains and “scary” grunts. I guess if you like haunted house sound effects, you can dig in. It’s a waste of time as far as the Dr. is concerned and I’m a ghoul who generally likes scary stuff.

On the tracks “Pit of Morbidity” and “Internal Organ Feast”, we don’t even really get death or black metal. The songs are some kind of down-tempo Goth crap with little to no heavy riffing. Guess it’s supposed to be “atmospheric”.  Zzzzz…

Not many releases make me angry, but this does. This isn’t even a good EP much less a full length. Hopefully Crypt Rot has had their joke and will now return to the tomb…