“Ain’t War Hell?”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Balls out battering ram thrash from Italy here! If you’ve ever missed the late great Demolition Hammer, here’s a band to take the edge off your sorrow. Arising from extreme grinders Bowel Stew, Cruentator is obsessed with full speed destruction of the type Demolition Hammer was known for. There’s also a lot of early Kreator and Sodom in their music. The vocals in particular have that “yelping” snarl that Mille had in spades.

They keep the production somewhat modern sounding with clarity for all instruments but also have a dirty, raw feeling as well. Original it is not, but when razor sharp throatcutters like  “Tyrants of the Wasteland” and especially the great “Evil Is Prowling Around” come blasting in, you won’t care too much. This latter song has a cool bounciness to it that is sure to inspire intense pitting.

Not much more you can say about Cruentator except they rip! Pure primal thrash to tear your throat out!