“Psalms of the Dead Choir”

By Theron Moore

Bringin’ pain, bringin’ metal, old school style.  That’s why I love Hell’s Headbangers Record label.  No pussies, no posers allowed.  Ain’t a thing confusing about Crucified Mortals.  Straight up, retro lovin’ thrash.  “Ominous Creatures” is a skull crusher.  I hear a big time Rigor Mortis vibe from start to finish.  Of all the bands to be inspired by, Rigor Mortis is it.  

“Traitor” lays metal pipe and doesn’t ask please first.  Speed metal baby.  It’s a head crusher.  I can hear patches being sewed onto denim jackets as we speak.  What I like about Crucified Mortals and “Psalms of the Dead Choir” is their straight forward attitude – “We’re metal, fuck you if you don’t like it.”  There’s no mistaking what they do or who’s inspired them. 
They pay homage to the genre the best way they know how, by playing the best speed / thrash possibly known to mankind.  There’s no meandering.  There’s no experimenting.  And it works.  There’s something to be said for metal that’s played right, with heart.  That means everything, you can feel the integrity.  Any song from “Psalms…” could’ve appeared on any Metal Massacre sampler.  

Especially “Dusk of the Advent” with its heavy Hallows Eve groove that feels like a damn wall of stone falling on you, over and over again.  Yeah, I love good metal and good bands, and Crucified Mortals gets the job done well here with “Psalms of the Dead Choir.”  I like the songs, the way they’re structured and the overall old school groove of this band in action.  Buy, buy, buy this record.