"The Midnight Chase"

By Lord Randall

With only one lineup change in the 10-plus year history of Sweden’s CRUCIFIED BARBARA, you’d figure they should have their shit together. Thankfully, they do.

’Crucifier’ opens The Midnight Chase, all raucous rumble, kicking SKID ROW circa "Subhuman Race" in the teeth. This is definitely not the sort of album you trot out lengthy song by song analyses of, so let’s say it’s hard to pick out high points on an album so consistently good all the way through. ‘Into The Fire’ slinks and slithers like G’N’R on that one album where they didn’t suck mule penis, but near the coda, the quartet adds a bit of stomp that shows they’re far from copycat material. If real, raw rock is endangered, the rock ballad is damn near extinct, yet not so with ‘If I Hide’, a heart-rending (gasp!) love song that has more testicular fortitude than anything AEROSMITH’s done since going clean. The gals punk it up a bit with ‘Kid From The Upperclass’ in the style of GIRLSCHOOL or dare I say SLADE? Ending with ‘Rise And Shine’, CRUCIFIED BARBARA slaps the album on the ass and sends us on our way, feeling used, abused, yet satisfied in the way good rock is meant to.

From "The Midnight Chase", it’s clear that CRUCIFIED BARBARA ain’t about anymore technical proficiency than can fit in a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, and in this writer’s humble – yet correct – opinion, in this rock-starved world, that isn’t a bad thing. Not at fuckin’ all.