"A Vortex of Earthly Chimes"

By Dark Starr

I’ve categorized this album as progressive rock, and frankly, I’d stick by that decision no matter what. That said, there are definitely some sections that are closer to stoner metal. Still, there are almost pure progressive rock and space rock moments.  The opening track "Ride The Storm" perfectly illustrates the smooth way this band combines diverse pounds out with a great stoner metal groove before dropping into a total prog jam. No matter how heavy the album gets (and believe me, metalheads, it really cranks in spots) the songs almost always swing back to progressive rock. There's also a strong psychedelic feel ala Hawkwind to the music of Crowned in Earth, with "Winter Slumber" being the best example.

In my opinion, just that kind of diversity of sound qualifies this thing as prog. I’d also have to say that I really love this disc. If I had heard this last year when it was released it would have probably made my “Best of 2012” list. Either way, if you like adventurous music with heavy metal and other sounds built into it, this is highly recommended by me.