"Cobra Speed Venom"

By Theron Moore

Another band, another record I hadn’t heard till now.  Have to admit, the Crown kick some deathly ass with the strangely titled, “Cobra Speed Venom.”  Ten records into their career, I’m actually digging “Cobra Speed Venom” (CSV) more so than their earlier work.  I thought their previous records were trying too hard to explore too much metal territory whereas this record just rips out your throat.  

If it sounds like the band is trying to prove something, you may be right.  I think it’s been a long time since the Crown hit a vibe they were comfortable with.  CSV is straight up thrash infused death metal and it’s vicious and aggressive as hell.  The first two songs, “Iron Crown” and “In the Name of Death” are unrelentless and, well, at times put Slayer to shame.  Who cares, right?  They’re retiring anyway. 

CSV is pure rage and volume.  I kept waiting for the record to lighten up, slow down, and instead it just intensified in ferocity.  The Crown tread that fine line between thrash and death, thrash and melodic death often times blurring the lines between the two but that’s the appeal of this record.  The Crown can hold their own against anyone they’re gigging with.  Cobra Speed Venom doesn’t have to fall hardline into any category.  The music is brutal and unforgiving.  This is pain personified.  Posers beware, the Crown will crush you if you get too close…,