By Dr. Abner Mality

Crown hail from France and that worthy land seems to be the epicenter of a lot of excellent metal these days. How far removed we are from the days when you could name French metal bands on one hand! The Gallic metalheads have thrown themselves fiercely into every conceivable sub-genre of heavy music and with Crown, they have a strong example of what many have come to call "post-metal" music.

The two worthy gentlemen of Crown have created a slow, syrupy type of droning music that is conducive to emptying the mind. Throbbng bass and tribal drums form a rirutalistic background as extremely thick and heavy guitars bring forth a sonic goo that sounds like lava oozing down a hillside. When Crown is heavy, they are VERY heavy, as the brutal riff of first proper track "Abyss" show. The pace very rarely rises above a crawl, with the vicious opening salvos of "Blood Runs" and "Alpha and Omega" being exceptions. The former has a death metal extremity to it and the latter is modern black metal to a T. But neither track remains in that mode. As with most post-metal and slowcore, there are long stretches of dissonance, jangly clean guitar and minor key noodling. I confess, there are parts where this kind of sound kind of causes my eyes to glaze over, but in totality, "Psychurgy" is a very hypnotic album. "Serpents and Fire" is heavy on the tribal, "Telepath" is electronic/industrial in feel with robotic processed vocals and we get two ambient soundscapes "Kynesyk I" and "Kynesyk II" where our old beastly buddy Mr. Crowley recites mumbo-jumbo.

Crown is a band that would appeal to those who are into more than metal alone, but the doomy power of what the band has created here can be denied by no one. "Psychurgy" has the ability to change your thought patterns.