"Dawn of the Dude"

By Rusty Coffinnails

St. Louis-based alcohol burning top fuel thrash punk speed metal outfit offers up a new album after about 6 years of silence. These cats are one irreverent bunch of party dudes! A 7 track collection of relatively short blinding fast tunes about bong ribs and guzzling beer and flat out not giving a shit. If you are looking for some music with smooth vocals and anything less than punishing blast beats at head splitting decibels,  you might want to sit this one out. This stuff is basic brutal barbaric thrash/punk with an bit of a Suicidal Tendencies feel to it.

The songs get a bit repetitive but they are over quickly. the vocals are angry screaming that I had a hard time figuring out what was said ...not that it matters. The music is fun and listenable as long as it is used for amusement purposes.
The first track "Wake up Call" is a spoken thing that seems to have no place or reason. It is just a cat rambling about pot with a guitar riff in the background. It's amusing just like the album is but not any ground breaking stuff.

The 2nd track called "Opposite Day" drops in to gear with the standard kick in the gut start and hits light speed about instantly, angry vocals shredding guitars and restless drums. The rest of the album is about the same, it's just a party album, the kind you would jam out to at a kegger party just before every thing goes black. They are not at all a bad band, just irreverent fun and they seem to be enjoying themselves.

So I'll wrap this one up now. Go check them out on Facebook they have lots of streaming tunes to listen to and a little video of what happens to the band's van when it pissed them off. I kinda felt bad for the old van but hey! I got a soft spot for busted down old clunkers...